Quality vs Exclusive leather Handmade leather floggers and other toys

Handmade leather floggers

Handmade leather floggers

For our Handmade leather floggers,
we use 2 different kinds of leathers.
In this blog post i am going to explain
what the difference is between our quality leather
and our exclusive leather.

All the leather we use is of the best quality!
We spend hours at every leather supplier we work with,
to find the best kind of leather, for you.
We handpick all our leather ourselves.
That way, we can guarantee you the same high quality,
over and over again when it comes to
our Handmade leather floggers and other leather toys.

Quality leather

All our quality leather is cow leather.
The hides we use are thick enough
to make for good sturdy floggers and whips.
Yet supple enough to get that nice feel!
Most of our quality leather
is build into an allround flogger.
This means you can use it to warm up the skin
and do impact play.
It says in the item description
if the Handmade leather floggers is an allrounder.
quality leather flogger sets

Exclusive leather

We also work with leather, which we call Exclusive leather.
Our Exclusive leather line,
contains bull hide, camel, reindeer,
patent leather, cow leather and more.
This leather is of superb quality!

There is a significant difference in texture and sometimes thickness.
When we compare the exclusive leather with our quality leather.
You can read more about each different kind of leather
at the individual items.
We do an extra quality control check for our exclusive whips and floggers.
We make sure there are no markings in the leather
and we only use the best parts of the hide.
exclusive leather flogger sets

Saddle leather

Our dragon tongues
triple slappers
and Wolf’s o’ Sevens
are build out of thick saddle leather.
This is very thick sturdy leather,
that is not very bendable,
but does give a nice sweep.
Saddle leather bdsm toys

Handmade leather floggers. leather whips Triple slapper, leather paddle FLS16019
Triple slapper, saddle leather

If you would have any questions or suggestions,
please feel free to contact us! (scroll down for email field)

Custom build whips

Custom build whips

custom build whips
Custom build whips combo set with matching dragon tongue

If you would like us to build you Custom build whips
floggers or other leather bdsm toys,
you get to choose the colors and the kind of leather.
We handpick all of our leather from various leather suppliers.
We have 50 + different kinds and colors of leather in stock.
For our flogger sets, we have 8 different endknobs you can choose from.
And 2 different endknobs for huge floggers. (see the picture below)

If you have a very specific wish let us know and we can start a ”hunt”
to find the perfect kind and / or color of leather for you.
We recently did hunts for gold leather, orange leather, bright pink leather,
reindeer leather and glitter green!

We of course offer free advice on what leather kinds work well together.
We also let you know how that type of leather will feel (sting or thud)
We really want all our customers to feel like they have a whip that suits them and their playpartner(s).
With our custom orders we offer a Skype call
so we can have a more in depth conversation
about your wishes and your needs.
With our 1080P webcam we can show you the leather
we would use to build your flogger, pois or other kind of bdsm toy.
Skyping with us is of course completely optional!
If you prefer, we can also email you pictures.

No extra fee for your creativity*!  
A flogger set with endknob from our shop is the same price as custom build flogger set with endknob.

We would love to hear the ideas you have for your own Custom build whips!

Here you can find more information about Custom build whips

Custom build whips
                                                             Custom build whips – Endknobs 

*Coupon codes, discounts and sales do not apply to custom build orders

Poi finger floggers tutorial

Poi finger floggers

Poi finger floggers

No pro, but still want to give a show?
Get in control of your two handed flogging with the WBW Poi finger floggers.
Anyone can use our Poi finger floggers!
We have developed these
with that specific goal in mind.
With Florentine flogging,
one has to think, count and focus.
But sometimes you just want to play
and have fun, right?!

Our poi floggers are designed with that in mind.
They are usable from beginner to advanced
practitioner of bdsm and / or poi finger flogging.
And are very user friendly!
As you can see in our video.

You can use the WBW poi floggers as two separate whips,
whom you use at the same time.
By turning your wrists, you are in control of the speed
and intensity of your play.
You can also place your arms alongside of each other
and create one big whip at the flick of your wrist.

The WBW poi floggers are designed (like all our toys) in a unique way.
We choose the best quality leather
and add a handmade piece of heavy stainless steel chainmail chains,
which we make to fit you perfectly.
Available in a variety of leather colors and kinds.
Of course we also custom build the WBW poi floggers!
If you have a personal preference or idea, feel free to contact us (scroll down for email field).

Reviews of our customers
about the poi finger floggers:

I am really really happy with my poi finger floggers!
Fine leather, beautiful craftsmanship
and the chainmail chain is awesome!
Now i just have to practice some more
and than my other half will be very happy!
Although she already enjoyed my first attempt,
this is very promising for the future!
– by F via fetlife.

Great set of poi’s, well balanced, good leather, color is as advertised.
Excellent craftsmanship and no complaints.
Great customer service, very flexible and prompt in response.
I will definitely order again.
– by A via Etsy.

Click here, to get your hands on a pair of Poi finger floggers !

Handmade leather floggers Thuddy black and purple Poi finger floggers POI16032

Handmade leather floggers Poi finger floggers. Custom build combo set floggers with matching dragon tongue.