Whips by Wolf is a small scale Dutch company, that makes your BDSM toy dreams come true.


Whips by wolf was founded in 2011, in a little dorm room in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Wolf started out small, building mostly for himself what he couldn’t find in stores.
The lack of quality, the pricing and the non personal approach was something that he didn’t feel comfortable with.
After building a few whips for himself, friends started asking if he could build on request.
And that’s how the first whips for sale where created.
Over time friends of friends started to ask for whips and more and more people,
where able to finally find what they had always been looking for in a whip.
More products got invented like the trippleslapper, our number one sold product.
After that the famous poi floggers followed after an extensive research and development period.
Meanwhile the quality of the regular floggers only improved
by the use of better handpicked leather and optimized building procedures.
By now we attend fairs, shows and parties with our beautiful products.
But more and more people asked us to build a website, so here it is!
We hope this website will fulfill your every need when it comes to floggers,
whips and other cool toys and implements for bdsm play.

Meet me

Leather craftsman

Hello, my name is Wolf. I live in the Netherlands and i have been building whips since 2011. I design and build all the whips, floggers and other leather bdsm toys for Whips by Wolf.
I have a background in engineering, which give the toys i build a nice twist.
I am a sadist myself, so my mind regularly gives me new ideas, for new inventive toys.